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Latest Release: December 25, 2022

"Merry Melody's"

To tell you how fantastically talented everybody that gave their musical spirit to this project would only be half of the story. I can’t thank everyone enough for bringing their "A "game. In so many styles of playing & input of ideas on every musical as well as production level. I can only express my deepest appreciation of everyone’s input on this endeavor. From the smallest part to the most difficult.

Thank You All, for giving your All. It will always be appreciated.
Sincerely: Mike Talanca


Credits: Merry Melody’s Songs List & Players
1.You Can Bet - Keyboards - Greg Johnson, Electric Guitars & Lead- James Byers, Electric Guitar, Bass & Vocals - Mike T, Drums - Michael Superior. 2. Mountain Of Love - Piano - Joe Augustine, Electric Guitar & Solo Guitar - James Byers, String Arrangement & Concert Master - Todd Maki, Played by The Legacy Scoring Orchestra, Acoustic Guitar, Bass & Vocals - Mike T, Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior. 3. Pure Joy- Piano - Joe Augustine, Bass Guitar & Bass Solo - Mike Talanca Jr., Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Vocals - Mike T, Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior. 4.You Have Me - Drums - John Sferra, Organ - Dennis Augusta, Electric Guitar & Solo Guitar - Ron Marrone, Horn Section - Trumpet- Brandon Ritchie, Tenor Sax-Brady Amerson, Trombone-Jim Weltman, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals & Percussion- Mike T. 5. All The Flowers Smile - Keyboards & Horn Arrangement - Billy Beck, Electric Guitar & Guitar Solo - Rick Ward , Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass & Vocals - Mike T., Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior. 6. Where Do You Go From Here - Horns - Electric Guitars, Bass & Vocals- Mike T., Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior, Horn Section - Trumpet - Brandon Ritchie, Tenor & Bari Sax - Brady Amerson. 7. Christmas Should Be Everyday - Piano- Joe Augustine String Arrangement & Concert Master - Todd Maki, Played by The Legacy Scoring Orchestra, Bass, Electric Guitar ,Xtra Keys & Vocals- Mike T. Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior. 8. Wonderful Day - Piano- Dominic Reto, Electric Guitar- Ron Marrone , String Arrangement & Concert Master - Todd Maki, Played by The Legacy Scoring Orchestra, Drums & Percussion Michael Superior, Bass, Vocals - Mike T. 9. Rag Reggae - Steel Drum Keys - Billy Beck, Electric Guitar - Rick Ward, Bass & Vocals - Mike T, Drums - Michael Superior. 10. Close The Open Door- Hammond Organ- Dennis Augusta, Electric Guitars & Solo - Terry Barrett, Additional Guitar, Bass & Vocals Mike T, Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior. 11. When Cappo Puts The Wheezie On The Barbie - Intro rap - Garry Edwards Fedele “Cappo”, Bass - Mike Talanca Jr., Piano - Dennis Augusta, Horn Section, Trumpet - Brandon Ritchie, Alto Sax - Rich Rollo, Bari Sax - Brady Amerson, Electric Guitars, Vocals & Horn Arrangement - Mike T., Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior. 12. Sledge Me - Lead & Tenor Saxophone - Dave Kana, Electric Guitars - Terry Barrett, Drums & Percussion- Michael Superior, Bass Synth, Sampler Programmer, Horn Section Arrangement, & Electric Guitars - Mike T. 13. I'm Still Looking - Organ - Dennis Augusta, Drums - Michael Superior, Electric Guitars & Bass & Vocals - Mike T. 14. Without You - Electric Guitar - Rick Ward, Keyboards - Billy Beck, Bass ,Vocals & Xtra Guitar, - Mike T, Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior. 15. Heart By The Balls - Electric Guitars and Slide Solo - Damien Knapp, Steel Guitar - Gary Coole, Organ - Dennis Augusta, Xtra Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass & Vocals - Mike T. Drums - Michael Superior. 16. Who,What,Where & When- Keyboards & Backing Vocals - Billy Beck, Electric Guitar - Rick Ward, Bass & Vocals - Mike T, Horns -Trumpet - Brandon Ritchie, Tenor Sax - Rich Rollo, Bari Sax - Brady Amerson, Horn Arrangement - Billy Beck & Mike T., Drums & Percussion - Michael Superior, Hand Claps- Billy Beck, Bernadetta & Rett Watts. 17. It Wasn’t My Fault- Keyboards & Horn Arrangement- Billy Beck, Bass- Mike Talanca Jr., Electric Guitar- Rick Ward, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Tambourine - Mike T, Drums - Michael Superior, Adlibs & BV's- Danny Friendly, Additional Castrato BV's Doug Thomas, Hand Claps- Billy Beck, Rett & Bernadetta Watts.

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Band of the Free's latest release!

"Creative Possession"

Liner Notes: Creative Possession
We have a passport to cross all musical boundaries. Rock,Pop,Classical,Funk & Soul. Freedom of expression is our buzz phrase.

Yet another coalition of musical friends brought
together by Musician, Producer, Engineer, Mike Talanca. Features some long time cohorts from
from earlier "Band of the Free" recordings.
Now featuring The
Youngstown Scoring Stage!

Band Of The Free is a coalition of talented friends
I have the pleasure of working with and knowing.
It’s indeed a rewarding experience every time we “Band” together and make a musical tapestry.
The “Free” outpouring of creativity is exhilarating
and satisfying. Looking forward to every session plus
the wonderful input everybody gives is openly
appreciated. I take pride in knowing that having a
diverse creative pool of great people help make every
song special. Each tune is like making a special soup with different ingredients.
All that comes together in a unique blend of talent, love, energy and fun. What
is born from that is what you will experience on this project.
Extra special thanks to all that participated.
It wouldn’t be this without you!

This project is Simplistically Hip and I recommend you to experience it with friends because it is a PARTY ON A DISK.
John and Yoko would be jealous of the love songs and Billy Joel would put his stamp of approval on the hook laden chord structures.
So, I am jumping on the “Gravy Train”, taking a samba break “Que Bueno”, getting “Drunk as a Skunk” while I, “Buff the Who Who” and declare “The 19th of July” a national holiday.
Another masterful project, Mike, “You Make Me Feel Good. “
Love, Cappo
PS: If you need to get a hold of me, you’ll find me on “Strawberry Lane”.

Garry Fedele

Band of the Free is an offering from Ohio native Mike Talanca.  Known primarily for his world class audio engineering and production Talanca jumps in with both feet in this new CD.  Showing tremendous pop sensibility, the CD is replete with joyful, well executed hooks and arrangements.  While one would expect the CD to “sound” great sonically, which it does, the joyful execution of the material written by Talanca is unmistakable.    Let me give a tip of the hat to the seasoned and deeply experienced studio musicians that played on the CD; it is rare that this level of talent comes together with such an obvious commonality of purpose.  These guys know how to make a record! I am sure that some of the musicians lost parts of their anatomy , having played them off in the performance of these tracks, yet not once does the playing seem obtrusive or over overbearing.  That in itself is a modern day miracle in this day of “its all about me.”The songs are all well crafted and interesting.  Lest you think I am blowing smoke, Mike is graciously allowing me to use one of the cuts for my artist Antoinette.  I have no higher praise.  I am sure that there will be as many different song favorites as there are listeners.  One thing that really impresses is the strength in unity of the CD and how  the various musical styles that somehow bind themselves in to a superior and unified field of music. I have been holding back a little.  The vocals on Band of the Free, all performed by Mike, are absolutely world class.  Holy **** what a voice!  Flawless interpretations with a “Joie de vivre” that cannot be denied.  It is the kind of voice that you will never tire of hearing.  If I were to have one complaint, it would be that I can’t get enough of it.In summary; great songs well played and well sung.  A joyful celebration of a rock and roll life. Congratulations to Mike Talanca and The Band of the Free.  One can only hope that we will be hearing more.
- Roger "Duke" ”Hatfield

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YouTube.Liberty Of

LoveRead Em And

WeepMy Own EyesLying

To YourselfMy Little


Draw The LineC'mon

UpIn Love AgainBlow

Me AwayDo You Love

MeWarm As The Sun