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Liner Notes: Creative Possession

Band Of The Free: Is a collective of friends who are musicians working together on a musical tapestry. Included on this release is The Youngstown Scoring Stage Orchestra.

Youngstown Scoring Stage

1- Brendan Considine  (concertmaster) 2- Natalie Sahyoun 3- Gloria Slocum 4- Mariana Szalaj 5- Tina Gant 6- Karen Considine 7- June Byo

Violin 2- 6
1- Bob Pavalko 2- Sharon Nicholas 3- Katie O’Neill
4- Patrick Strasik 5- Abby Mclaughlin 6- Betsy Jones

Viola- 4 1- Vince Scacchetti 2- Christina Lesicko 3- Leslie Dubiel 4- Jay Koziorynsky

Cello- 4 1- Paul Miahky 2- Vit Fiala 3- Chrissy Lucivjansky 4- Lynn Cardwell

Bass- 1 1- Jeff Bremmer 2- Tim Powell

Flute - Laura Volenik Oboe - Leann Rich Clarinet - Erica Mapus
Bassoon - Elliot Kwolek Horn - Alisha Moore Trumpet - Mike Barkett
Trombone - Jim Weltman Tuba - David DePancis

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