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The Story:

This project written, produced, recorded, mixed and arranged by Mike Talanca

Recorded at Tune Town Recording

Special Thanks to all my musical friends that helped make this project a reality. The players and non-players all played an important role in making this.

Band of the free is a consortium of great players, that I was fortunate enough to have creating on this project. Without the help and friendship of all the above and below and unmentioned, I couldn't have accomplished this wonderful musical outcome. Thank you mah brothers and sisters.

This album was a long time in the making, but it was worth it. I will let the music do the talking. I hope all who listen are smiling and enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed making it.


I was honored when asked to write a liner note for this "over due" project.
I start by saying,"Mike,What the hell in Heavens name took you so long"?....though in my heart I knew why...
You've been too busy always helping all of us through out the years and I for one, appreciate you sharing your Gifts,Talents and Friendship.
The lead vocals are stellar,the hooks are there,the players found and felt the groove and the back up vocals (He sang every part) would blow away any celestial choir... So Mike, go ahead and remove those "needle nose pliers" from your scrotum,those high notes tore me up!!!!!!
I have to say,I really wasn't surprised by the quality of this project knowing that it was done by an award winning engineer,producer,friend and now ARTIST...
Ladies and Gentlemen,"Remove your shackles",we are now all a part of : THE BAND OF THE FREE

Band Of The Free

Mike Talanca- Vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar & Keys

Dennis Augusta- Keyboards

John Sferra-Drums & Percussion

Terry Barrett Ozanich- Guitar

Mike Baranski- Guitar

Joe Hudek- Guitar

Greg Yochman- Fretless Bass Guitar on “In Love Again”

Sleeve Concept, Design and Art Direction: Bernadetta “Bernie” Talanca

Mastered By: Dan Shirey Oakwood Audio

Media Production Assistance: John Sferra

All songs copyright 1995-2000

Publishing: TalaMike Music ASCAP

All Rights Reserved, Made In The USA

Songs: Click on the song title to hear it at YouTube.

Liberty Of Love

Read Em And Weep

My Own Eyes

Lying To Yourself

My Little Hemmie


Draw The Line

C'mon Up

In Love Again

Blow Me Away

Do You Love Me

Warm As The Sun